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THE TIPPING POINT is the biography of an idea, and the idea is quite simple. It is that many of the problems we face - from crime to teenage delinquency to traffic jams - behave like epidemics. They aren't linear phenomena in the sense that they steadily and predictably change according to the level of effort brought to bear against them. They are capable of sudden and dramatic changes in direction. Years of well-intentioned intervention may have no impact at all, yet the right intervention - at just the right time - can start a cascade of change. Many of the social ills that face us today, in other words, are as inherently volatile as the epidemics that periodically sweep through the human population: little things can cause them to 'tip' at any time and if we want to understand how to confront and solve them we have to understand what those 'Tipping Points' are. In this revolutionary new study, Malcolm Gladwell explores the ramifications of this. Not simply for politicians and policy-makers, his method provides a new way of viewing everyday experience and enables us to develop strategies for everything from raising a child to running a company.

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The Tipping Pint de Malcolm Gladwell: Amo este libro, me encanta Gladwell en general. Si bien, a veces cuesta asimilar la lógica con que Gladwell conecta distintos estudios y casos en el mundo para explicar y contextualizar sus ideas, es notable el paralelismo que realiza entre la propagación de enfermedades virales y la proliferación de ideas o tendencias en las sociedades humanas. El análisis de fenómenos como el contagio de los suicidios, las matanzas escolares o la proliferación del tabaquismo son notables. Aprender a identificar a los propagadores, el contexto y las características de un mensaje que puede ser viral es, probablemente, el mejor aprendizaje de este libro.