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Sinopsis de JACK & JILL

Jack and Jill: A Village Story is a children's book. It takes place in a small New England town after the Civil War. The story of two good friends named Jack and Janey, Jack and Jill tells of the aftermath of a serious sledding accident. Extract: ""Clear the lulla!" was the general cry on a bright December afternoon, when all the boys and girls of Harmony Village were out enjoying the first good snow of the season. Up and down three long coasts they went as fast as legs and sleds could carry them. One smooth path led into the meadow, and here the little folk congregated; one swept across the pond, where skaters were darting about like water-bugs; and the third, from the very top of the steep hill, ended abruptly at a rail fence on the high bank above the road." Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) was an American novelist and poet best known as the author of the classic Little Women and its sequels Little Men and Jo's Boys. Alcott was an abolitionist and a feminist.


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En general, esta novela tiene un ritmo muy agradable, con descripciones específicas propias de la época decimonónica. Los personajes son adorables y muy entrañables, y resulta divertido ver la historia desde el punto de vista de los niños que, poco a poco, se van convirtiendo en adolescentes.