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This is the second part of John Masters' autobiography: how he fought with his Gurkha regiment during World War II until his promotion to command one of the Chindit columns behind enemy lines in Burma. Written by a bestselling novelist at the height of his powers, it is an exceptionally moving story that culminates in him having to personally shoot a number of wounded British soldiers who cannot be evacuated before their position is overrun by the Japanese. It is an uncomfortable reminder that Churchill's obsession with 'special forces' squandered thousands of Allied lives in operations that owed more to public relations than strategic calculation. This military and moral odyssey is one of the greatest of World War II frontline memoirs.

Año de publicación:1970

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Esta es la segunda parte de la biografía de John Master, como lucho con su regimiento durante la II Guerra Mundial, hasta su ascenso a comandante de una de las columnas Chindit en Birmania. Esta odisea moral y militar es una la de grandes memorias del frente de batalla de la II Guerra Mundial.

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