"This is a sweet romance, but also VERY HOT in some places. It's really well written. The emotions are honest, the characters are true, and it's complicated. Check it out!!!! 5 stars" "I loved watching the sparks fly and ignite between Amy and Adam, they are scorching hot!" "This book was amazing. It wasn't long, but it wasn't short. Jerica is a new author to me and I was blown away by this book." "[Jerica's] stories keep me up all night reading after my children are in bed." The complete REBOUND THERAPY There's no word for someone like me. If the crash that ended Tom's life had happened five weeks later, I'd be a widow. It's been a year since fate took him away from me. And my best friend Amy is convinced that I'm stuck, refusing to move on. Since I won't go to a grief support group, which was her first suggestion, she's decided I need a hot, dirty fling. To move on and get back to living again instead of just existing. She calls it rebound therapy. I call it a load of crap. But there's no arguing with her once she gets an idea in her head. And going out for drinks with my friend isn't a bad way to spend an evening, even if I know she's going to be scoping out all the available men in our vicinity. What I don't expect is to actually meet one. But Brian slips past all my defenses. Sexy and sweet, he makes me leave behind the sad, depressed girl I'd become, bringing me to life again. Until a cruel reminder of what really happened the night Tom died slaps me in the face. How can I ever get past that? REBOUND ENVY You know the old saying, "Always the bridesmaid never the bride"? Well, in my case it's the maid of honor. My best friend Jenna is engaged for the second time. I'm happy for her. I really am. She's been through a lot, and she deserves the wedding of her dreams. I just wish I could find someone too. It stings that she's fallen in love for the second time, ready to walk down the aisle, and I've never even been close. It's not for lack of trying. To make matters worse, her fiancé's wine bar had become our favorite hangout. That is, until I dated his business partner Adam. I thought we had a connection, but after the second date he stopped calling. He's been weird and formal--instead of flirty and charming--ever since. I make sure to show up with a date for the engagement party, thinking that'll make things easier. But Adam starts acting like a jealous ex, and I can't figure out his problem. He's the one who stopped calling me. Now I'm the maid of honor and Adam's the best man. I won't be able to avoid him anymore. We'll have to make nice so we don't ruin things for our friends. With him constantly going hot and cold, I'm off-balance and don't know how to act. And when he kisses me in front of everyone two days before the wedding? Everything just gets even more complicated. REBOUND REVIVAL What's the best way to get over your cheating ex-boyfriend? Take a new job halfway across the country and have a fantastic one-night stand your first night in town. At least that's what I did. I felt pretty good about my decisions ... until I bumped into the guy that gave me the best orgasms of my life my first day at work. Turns out, he owns the vineyard where I'm the new events coordinator. And he's not satisfied with just one night. I'd invited him back to my hotel as a palate cleanser, and now he wants to be the main course. Or to make me the main course. Aside from the problems inherent in the fact that Max is my boss's boss, I'm still raw from the end of my last relationship. And he's too experienced to be anything but a player. Am I just setting myself up for more heartbreak by getting involved with him?

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