Sinopsis de RUNNER

Jane Whitefield is a fiercely intelligent, resourceful Native American woman, who's also very beautiful. For ten years, she worked in a very unusual profession, helping people escape from their enemies and become runners, for whom she created new identities that would never be uncovered. Until she got married and promised her new husband, a surgeon in Amherst, New York, that she would give up her job and settle into a happy, quiet life. But when a bomb explodes in the middle of a hospital fundraiser, Jane finds herself face to face with the cause of the explosion: a young girl, who is pregnant and has been tracked across the country by a team of hired killers. That night, regardless of the vow she made to her husband, Jane has to revisit old skills and old contacts. Saving the life of one last victim is going to send Jane off on a mission that could be a rescue operation ndash; or a chance for revenge.

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