Chayton Olivieri is an operative in STUD (Special Tactical Units Division). STUD warriors are specially selected from SEAL teams. Chay is half-Sioux. He's tough, smart and dangerous, and he lives for risk. Bianca Bellini Wilde is a psychologist. She's smart, beautiful and her life is well-organized. She can't understand anyone whose lives life on the edge.Bianca and Chay meet at a wedding. They don't much like each other. Still, the next time they meet they share a night of increidlbe passion on a California beach. That should be the end of it--but Chay can't get Bianca out of his head. He goes to New York City to see her--and finds her living in terror because of a vicious stalker. Chay won't leave Bianca to deal with this unknown man on her own--and if it brings her back into his arms and into his bed, that will be a bonus they're both sure they can handle. Oh, how wrong they are!

Año de publicación:2016

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