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Let David Lynn Golemon thrill you with Primeval from the magnificent Event Group series. A RACE TO FIND THE TREASURE OF THE LAST CZAR HAS UNCOVERED AN ANCIENT EVIL When Czar Nicholas II was executed with his family it brought Russia's Romanov dynasty to an end. But some believed that the Czar's children, Alexei and Anastasia, survived the slaughter and escaped with the royal treasury. One hundred years later, a battered old journal turns up in a second-hand bookshop that appears to date back to the night of the execution. Inside are clues, not only to the fate of the Czar's children, but also to the location of the Romanov's treasure. Major Jack Collins of the Event Group, a top secret agency tasked dedicated to revealing the truth about history's greatest myths and legends, follows the lead deep into Russia's vast, unexplored wilderness where he and his team are soon confronted by a terrifying, even more incredible secret . . . Praise for David Lynn Golemon and the EVENT series: 'Sure to satisfy fans of The X-Files' Publishers Weekly 'Imagine mixing in a blender Tom Clancy with the movie Predator and the X-Files ... non-stop action' Library Journal 'Spectacularly cinematic . . . a flat out adrenalin rush' New York Times bestselling authors Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens David Lynn Golemon grew up in Chino, California and worked for the US military in a classified role. He now lives and writes in Long Island, New York. His Event Group Series includes the titles Event, Legend, Ancient, Leviathan and Primeval.

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