Lord Daniel Weston, the new Marquess of Lansdale is something of a curiosity.  Born in England before being whisked off to America by his mother when he was a mere child, Daniel is a mix of both the land of his birth and his adopted homeland.  He is also not the sort of peer stiff English society is accustomed to dealing with.  However his golden boy looks and suave ways forgive many a sin.  Except that beneath this illusion of perfection lurks a man that no one knows and not everyone would like if they did. The recipient of one of the highest honors a London debutante can aspire to, Lady Anna Davenport is thoroughly enjoying being celebrated by Society.  Having lived in poverty most of her life, she is unable to hide the thrill of being fawned over by eligible young gentleman and toasted by Society matrons.  However her good fortune only lasts for the length of the Season, so she must select a husband - and soon.  However the man her head knows she should marry is in love with another, and the man that makes her heart race is the one she should avoid at all costs. Can Daniel prove that he has conquered his demons and is worthy of a woman's love?  Will Anna choose with her head or her heart?  And will their decisions be ones they can live with for the rest of their lives?

Año de publicación:2017

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