HAPPY BOOKS HEROES FILLED WITH FANTASY AND HUMOR FOREVER ... CHRISTMAS SOMETIMES IT TAKES TIME TO FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT My name is Katie and I couldn’t have imagined a better setting for a romantic encounter other than Christmas Eve. The only problem is that Alex isn’t exactly my ideal man and he doesn’t seem to have fallen for my charms either. He's insisted, right from the start, that he is absolutely not interested in dating me. At least we can agree on one thing. But when each Christmas he whisks me away into a romantic story filled with snowflakes, laughter and unforgettable memories, I start to wonder if maybe I judged him too quickly. After all, he brings so much enchantment into my life and makes my heart beat faster than anyone else can. The only small obstacle standing in the way: he’s not in love with me. Can I count on the magic of Christmas to make a miracle happen? EXCERPT 1 I make a sudden movement and both of us fall. He laughs, but gets worried when he sees me all tangled up in the covers and unresponsive. “Katie?” “Everything but my pride is okay.” He helps me up and throws me on the bed. “All this to avoid kissing me?” “What? No!” I protest, blushing. He gives me an unbelieving look. “You think I don’t know what’s going through your head?” “What?” I urge him on. “Oh my God, how could I resist his beautiful eyes, his luscious lips, his soft hands and his killer smile?” he says with a mischievous look that makes me laugh. “What? That’s not at all what I’m thinking.” “Too bad, because I am.” He looks at me affectionately. “Come on, stand up.” How can he flirt with me and appear so detached at the same time? This is clearly not a good sign for me. I must not be that irresistible after all. EXCERPT 2 I get up and start doing a little dance step. When Alex suddenly grabs me like a sack of potatoes and takes me out of the living room, I don’t realize what he wants to do. “You beat me but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a reward. I know you and my Dad cheated. You want me to turn back into the Alex that you know? Here he is.” He throws a snowball at me. ‪Christine joins us and I ask for help. The battle grows. Fortunately, these two also have some scores to settle, and I can rest a bit. Except that when Alex notices that I’m not playing any more, he bombards me. ‪“Stop,” I beg him as if I can’t take it anymore. Christine gets worried and asks him to leave me alone. “Oh no, you’re not really gonna fall for that are you?" Alex says and comes over to me. "Stop! Really?” ‪“Okay, okay, I’m playing.” ‪Our eyes meet and we remain still for a few seconds. “You guys can say what you want, but if in this moment you don’t want to kiss, I know nothing at all.” ‪It’s a good thing Christine said something, because it’s enough to break the spell. What’s going on with us? I know we’ve already kissed, but it was years ago. Since then, nothing has happened between us. ‪“You think you know everything?” ‪Alex grabs Christine and shoves some snow down her neck. ‪“I hate you,” she cries.

Año de publicación:2013

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