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The complete course for learning to communicate with confidence and independence. Complete Swedish is a comprehensive book and audio language course that takes you from beginner to intermediate level. The new edition of this successful course has been fully revised and is packed with new learning features to give you the language, practice and skills to communicate with confidence. -Maps from A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages -18 learning units plus verbs reference and word glossary -Discovery Method - figure out rules and patterns to make the language stick -Teaches the key skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking -Learn to learn - tips and skills on how to be a better language learner -Swedish tongue twisters - to fine-tune your pronunciation -Culture notes - learn about the people and places of Sweden -Outcomes-based learning - focus your studies with clear aims -Authentic listening activities - everyday conversations give you a flavour of real spoken Swedish -Test Yourself - see and track your own progress In this pack you'll get a 368-page book and two CDs of audio learning material (160 minutes). Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by language learners for over 75 years.

Año de publicación:2016

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