Other books by Camille: If you hate living with thunder thighs, cottage cheese thighs, thighs that wobble, rub, chafe and become discolored as a result, thighs that have cellulite, dimples, stretch marks, and the list goes on – be encouraged, because this book is about to change your life and body as you know it. You see, while we can blame genetics for where our fat prefers to congregate and settle (stubborn lower body fat), and what we look like when we carry excess fat (pear, apple, banana, etc) no body was ever pre-destined to be cursed with thunder thighs and chub rub for evermore. You, just like millions of women around the world, can banish those unsightly and unfeminine pockets of fat into obscurity, where it belongs simply by modifying and introducing a few key things in your diet and exercise regimen. Camille Hugh, best selling author of 'The Thigh Gap Hack' and walking proof that every woman can reshape her thighs, has made it her life's mission to dispel the popular myth that skinny thighs are only bestowed upon the genetically lucky few. In her new book, "Bye Bye Thunder Thighs Diet", she breaks down into minute detail her special diet program guaranteed to send your thunder thighs packing. From what foods you can eat, to how to build your meals, to reprogramming your mind and taste buds, to over 30 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes - this book leaves no stone unturned.

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