Sinopsis de BURY THEM DEEP

A present-day intrigue reawakens disturbing shadows from the past in this latest Inspector McLean thriller. When an Edinburgh Police Vice Squad raid goes embarrassingly awry, Inspector Tony McLean finds himself haunted by echoes of his first case. Something he had thought long buried has now resurfaced. The memory won't fade as McLean struggles to find the elusive connections between a series of gruesomely strange deaths in the city. His investigations begin to concern the powers that be - and once again, McLean's stubborn refusal to toe the line puts his career, and possibly his life in danger. In chasing the monsters of the present, McLean must also confront shadows of the past - but at what cost? Is it too late to undo the damage that has been done...The Damage Done follows Natural Causes, the R&J summer highlight, The Book of Souls, The Hangman's Song, Dead Men's Bones and Prayer for the Dead. Praise for the Inspector Series: "Creepy, gritty and gruesome." (Sunday Mirror). "Crime fiction's next big thing." (Sunday Telegraph). "The new Ian Rankin." (Daily Record). "Oswald's writing is in a class above most in this genre." (Daily Express). "The hallmarks of Val McDermid or Ian Rankin: it's dark, violent, noirish." (Herald). "Oswald is among the leaders in the new batch of excellent Scottish crime writers." (Daily Mail).

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