Sinopsis de AS IT IS IN HEAVEN

Love is not easy, especially if you find the woman of your dreams and then lose her - as Philip Griffin and his son Stephen each discover in turn. Stephen is just a boy when his mother and sister are killed in a car crash, and his father never recovers from the accident: he wasn't involved but is consumed by grief, his only desire to be reunited with his wife. Before that happens, though, Philip wants to ensure the happiness of his son, Stephen - now a grown man. '"As it is in Heaven", Niall Williams' tale of love and tragedy, will leave you in tears' - "Tatler". 'A bitter-sweet novel about passionate love giving way to commitment, grief to a sort of healing' - "Irish Times". 'A tender and sober novel with a faith in romance that is absolute' - " Daily Express". 'Delicious coincidence and tragedy, as extraordinary lives unravel and intertwine' - "Guardian".

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