Sinopsis de ANTI-NICE GUY

**Surprise Gift in the End** From the Award-winning Author of Bitter Frost Series, Loving Summer Series, FADE Series, and 50 more Series, comes... A Hate to Love Dark Humor Romantic Crime Thriller: ANTI-NICE GUY Also in Development as a Television Series... MEET RIP I’m Rip Rockwell, and I’m probably going to tear your heart out and stomp on it. So I dare you to fall in love with me. No, I warn you against getting close to me. I’m trouble. I’m bad for you. I am no nice guy. In fact, I am the antithesis of “Nice”. I am the Anti-Nice Guy. And I am proud of it. You see, in my line of work, “Nice” will get you killed. Being polite, decent, noble even is admirable. It’s part of the code. But being “Nice”… it means you’re soft, you’re over. Me and my men are known as the Anti-Nice Guys, a loving term coined by our enemies. We work in the dark. Not ninjas, but close. We’re the ones who get the job done. Men for Hire. What we do is dangerous. Every job is a life and death situation. Except this latest one. I don’t get it, but I’ll take it. Seems simple enough. The target: Simone Fortuna, the beautiful yet bookish daughter of a former client of mine. Make her fall in love with me and then break her heart. Simple. I don’t fall for a pretty face. Only the more I learn about her, I find she’s more than a pretty face…much more. But it’ll take a lot more for me to care, to break this Anti-Nice Guy I’ve become. Or was this all part of a diabolical plan to take me apart and break up my agency? MEET SIMONE As soon as I saw him, I hated him. I knew he was trouble. Too darn good-looking and hot as hell for a man who works too close for my dad. And the way those jeans hug his tight buns, he is too much of a temptation to resist. I know he's here for a reason...this Christian Grey meets John Wick man. My dad's up to some game I can't fathom and I know this man Rip is part of it. He thinks I am this bookish and damsel type of girl, I'm sure. These Alpha macho guys my dad usually hires always think I am, as much as I lead my dad to think I am. Little do they all know, I have a secret of my own. Which if this guy Rip finds out, as I think he was sent to find out, it would mean the death of someone close to me. And I can't have that. Anti-Nice Guy is Rated R for violence and adult situation. It is Christian Grey meets John Wick so that explains the rating after all :)

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