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A USA-Today Bestseller! First in the Pacific Horizons series of romantic women's fiction by Edie Claire! Haley knew that carrying her twin sister’s baby would be a sacrifice. She just didn’t know how great. Pregnant, overworked, and driven to the end of her rope by the neediness of the sister and widowed mother who depend on her, Haley seeks refuge with a week’s vacation on the Alaskan coast. As she soaks up the serenity of the unexpectedly vast and beautiful wilderness, Haley finds something else she doesn’t expect – deep feelings for the wildlife-loving boat captain who reminds her how to laugh. With her unborn niece or nephew on the way and thousands of miles of ocean between their lives and careers, Haley and Ben settle for a friendship. But back home in California, the emptiness in her heart refuses to heal, and when her pregnancy takes a frightening turn Haley must examine what really matters – and rediscover the childhood dream she never realized she had lost.

Año de publicación:2015

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