Sinopsis de A YAWOO LIFE

This Memoir is a work of fiction.  Any similarity to events,characters or places in this book is either fictional, or the product of the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual persons either dead or alive is purely unintentional. There cannot be a fixed idea of a person's character.  The atoms in our body change completely every few years.  Therefore, we are not the same person now as we were then. We cannot extrapolate from one age to another.  If we are politically correct today, we were not so then.  It would be like asking why the Mond Nickel works in Landore at the site of the present Liberty Stadium dumped thousands of tonnes of disused metals and other detritus on the land. Some friends have asked me why I call it a ‘Yawoo’ life.  Yawoo is the way that Welsh people who drop their aitches pronounce Yahoo, is the only explanation that I can give. All rights reserved.  No portion of this work may be stored in a retrieval system, or reproduced in any way or by means, electrical, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the permission of the author. The writer asserts his right as the author of this work.

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