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In the early 1990s, after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of communism, the author, an Australian by birth and a former concert pianist, accepted a job in Warsaw. His assignment was to “introduce Polish companies to the joys of the market economy.” Eager to explore the home of the Polish composer Chopin, he discovers a country still recovering from the destruction and poverty of World War II. But, looking beneath the ravaged surface, he also discovers a country rich in history and culture. In this respectful and entertaining book, Moran explores Poland, past and present, from the perspective of a visitor who came to work and fell in love with the country (he lives there still). Moran has a vivid, visually evocative writing style that may remind some readers of Bill Bryson: “The road was covered in detritus—pieces of wood, gravel, rocks, dead dogs and huge puddles of indeterminate depth.” An excellent account of a country that has undergone enormous devastation but is now taking tentative steps on the road to recovery

Año de publicación:2008

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