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Sinopsis de WHY HIM? WHY HER?

The national bestseller that shows you how a better understanding of who you are will help you find and keep the love you want Helen Fisher can often tell, almost instantly, the hidden strengths and weaknesses in a relationship that are likely to keep a couple together or pull them apart. The words they choose, their facial structure and body language, even their doodles and where they live give strong clues to their personality type. After three decades of studying romantic relationships, Fisher has discovered that your dominant personality type guides not only who you are but who you love. Why Him? Why Her? provides a new way to understand relationships, whether you’re searching for one or eager to strengthen the one you have. Beginning with a scientifically developed questionnaire to determine your prevailing personality type, Fisher tells you not only what type of person you might have chemistry with but how to find them, attract them, and keep them. Once you know the personality profile of the partner you’re with—or hope to find—you can use your knowledge of how your types match up to improve your love life. More than seven million people in forty countries have learned Fisher’s techniques and are using these tools to make and keep lasting romantic connections. Based on proven results, this groundbreaking book goes beyond theory to show that the complex nature of romance isn’t so complicated once you truly understand yourself and others. Provocative and illuminating, Fisher’s book deserves to be read by everyone looking to be loved for who they really are.


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Resultados de la investigación de la Dr. Helen Fisher sobre el porqué nos sentimos atraídos hacia una persona en particular. El libro es de fácil lectura y viene con el test de personalidad para que puedas entender cuál es tu perfil y como te relacionas con los demás perfiles. Súper interesante para ayudarte a conocerte y ver cómo tu personalidad puede impactar la forma en que buscas pareja.