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Is it possible that a modern day male college library major, whom most coeds treat as if he has leprosy, has the gift that all the great ladies men of history have had?  That’s Rudy Kosti’s question.  His Uncle Don (Juan) Kosti say it’s true.  And Uncle Don is in the hospital recovering from exhaustion from satisfying all the women in his life. But there’s more to this “gift” than meets the eye. For the first time in his rejected life, Rudy is in love.  The problem is that Angeline, the focus of his ardor, is engaged and, like most girls, has absolutely no interest in Rudy.  Cousin Melvin seems to be the lady killer in the family.  He goes through condoms by the suitcase. and girl friends by the dozen. Rudy isn’t sure he wants this “gift” even if it’s real.  And, the more he hears about this endowment, the less he likes it.  It isn’t simple sex appeal but a very specialized power that only draws certain women and if used correctly can change lives for the better. Yet, like most gifts, there is a price to this one.  When Rudy learns the price, he knows that if he has this gift it could cost him the one love of his life.

Año de publicación:2013

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