Unlike most other major religions, Buddhism depends on neither divine revelation nor an incarnation of God for its authenticity. Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha, was a man who through his own efforts attained enlightenment as to the essential nature of life. For this reason, his life story is meaningful to us today. As a biography of Shakyamuni, "The Living Buddha" is a vivid historical narrative based on what is known or can reasonably be surmised concerning his life and times. It is also an inspiring account of a heroic life dedicated to helping all people free themselves from suffering. Ikeda’s image of Shakyamuni grows out of his own living experience as a Buddhist and as a man of action. Accordingly, the author views Shakyamuni not as a mystic, semi-legendary figure half hidden in the mists of a distant age in an exotic land, but as a warm and vital human being who was very much a product of his own time, who transcended circumstance to preach a message of universal validity.

Año de publicación:2008

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