A mother’s love and a son’s gift… Johnny Peterson could light up a room with a word or a smile. He had a future filled with promise – until he stepped into a car on prom night and, in an instant, it was all taken away. In the months that follow, Johnny’s family and his high school sweetheart, Becky, struggle to put together the pieces of their shattered lives. No-one is more devastated than Johnny’s mother, Alice, but amid the heartache, something miraculous is about to happen. When a sudden illness sends Alice to hospital, a glorious vision comes to her – there, standing before her, is Johnny himself, gently urging his bewildered mother to be strong for her family. Through a season of hope and healing, Johnny walks by his mother’s side, leading his parents, his girlfriend, his sister and his brother out of their grief. But as Alice discovers, Johnny has returned not just to help those he loves, but to uncover a purpose even he cannot comprehend … one that will change them all forever. An unforgettable story of loving and letting go - a celebration of life, hope and forgiveness.

Año de publicación:2004

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