Unwilling Soulmates Angelica is out of time. Terrified of snapping and killing innocent people, the furious teenager has signed up for the games. Either by winning her own mate or by her death during the show, she came to New Network City to find peace. The fight for freedom that her cousin Candice started may cause a revolution, but Angelica won’t be a part of it unless she can summon the strength to conquer her fear of herself. Jason was kidnapped and sold to the Network after witnessing the murder of his family. He remembers his loving parents, his freedom. He is not a submissive bachelor. He is a rebel who desperately wants to join Baker in the safe zone. With inside information to get him accepted, all Jason needed was an escort through the post-apocalyptic wastelands of New America. Who better to protect him on the adventure than an honorable Pruett?  What he doesn’t count on is the love and protection that the infamous family gives to their males. Will Jason be able to resist Angelica’s charms or will he succumb to their romance and accept his legal place as her slave? End of the World Fiction Angelica and Candice aren’t prepared for the Network’s determination to eliminate both female heroes. The council has kept control with bread and circuses that have coated an entire nation in centuries of fear and distraction. Realizing they are about to lose it all, the enemy has decided to use the moment to free itself of not only the Pruetts and rebels, but also their sisters in the east. Sharing control is no longer an option as the UN deadline looms. The council wants control over the warheads in the east…to use against the north. From there, maybe against the rest of the world. The rules of the past were well learned. Those who have the power, make the rules. Will the Changeling Winds blow in favor of freedom or tyranny? Let’s find out!

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