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Sinopsis de CELEB CRUSH

Twenty year old Anderson "Andi" Kelly curses the day she got roped into helping plan the wedding of her cousin to her cheating ex-boyfriend. To save face, she tells everyone her boyfriend is megastar, Lucas Greyson--currently Hollywood's hottest actor. In reality, Luke is Andi's boss and a good friend--and vacationing out of the country at the moment. It's the perfect lie; what could go wrong? She finds out the hard way when Luke unexpectedly shows up at her family's front door. Caught, Andi is forced to tell him about her little white lie--and to her horror, Luke decides he wants to maintain the charade. Left with no choice, she assumes the enviable role of Lucas Greyson's besotted girlfriend. And that's when things start to get really complicated. As they help each other navigate through ex-boyfriends and conniving co-stars, Andi begins to look at her famous boss in a new light. Soon the line between real and make believe gets blurred, and she finds herself with a difficult choice to make: keep her heart safe and grounded...or shoot for the stars.

Año de publicación:2015

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