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How can you ever get even with an old boy friend who dumped you the night before you took the exam for medical school and that caused you to completely flunk the test?  Angel Diaz, now a radio disc jockey on Texas’s South Padre Island, has a plan.  It’s is a good plan until Angel’s guardian angle, Noel, suddenly appears out of thin air and tells her he’s there to “help” her.   The thing is, he’s a real guardian angel but his idea of “helping” is not what Angle had in mind. She is part of a recovery group of other young women all of whom are still suffering from being dumped by other boyfriends.  Angel figures that together they can lure her ex into falling in love with a member of the group he doesn’t know.  Then together they will all prank this guy and dump him for all the men who have done them wrong. When Noel learns the plan, he has a duty – to Angel – but also the others in the group, the guy, and even the group’s leader, Dr. Vickie.  But Noel has no power to alter events or to change anyone, not even Angel.  So, how can Angel get her revenge and Noel still do his job?

Año de publicación:2013

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