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A Scandal By Any Other Name Sometimes it’s good to be bad… Notorious adventurer Grafton Archer is anything but a refined Edinburgh gentleman. As a Highlander, he prefers his swinging sporran to a starched cravat, and his only concern is his latest challenge: restoring his new home, a crumbling, rumored-to-be-haunted 17th century mansion. But everything changes when an unexpected encounter on Beltane Eve ends with a scorching kiss – and a runaway Miss he can’t forget. Amelia Ripley isn’t a highborn lass and her attendance at Lady Peddington’s School for Young Ladies hasn’t polished her. She tries, but the school’s strictures only strengthen her impetuous nature – a foible that proves dangerous when a darkly handsome rogue attempts to ‘save her from scandal’ by kissing her so shamelessly she flees rather than accept the truth: she isn’t destined for propriety, but passion. Or is it love? She’ll never know because Beltane magic is fleeting – or is it? Unbeknownst to the kissers, they were observed by a man now famed as The Marriage Maker. And though he’d not intended his Edinburgh visit to include matchmaking, he knows when his services are needed, and he’s always happy to oblige. The Marriage Maker series continues with four Rules of Refinement romances. One Good Gentleman Shameless Redemption of a Marquess A Scandal By Any Other Name Noblemen aren’t always honorable… but a rake is always charming In a narrow lane off Edinburgh’s illustrious Charlotte Square, stands a town house that is not quite as impressive as nearby residences, but remains a place of distinction. An air of quiet dignity is maintained by the courtyard that fronts the street, while privacy is assured by a wrought-iron gateway. This house is Lady Peddington’s School for Young Ladies and is owned and run by Lady Honoria Peddington. Girls fortunate enough to attend the academy are instructed in all aspects of proper comportment with emphasis on the importance of a pleasing demeanor and appearance, grace and good manners, the skills a lady needs to run a large, well-to-do household, and – of course - the necessity and advantages of an impeccable reputation. Scandal, the girls are warned, must be avoided at all costs. Lady Peddington’s own reputation is the finest, and all Edinburgh considers her above reproach. She is especially well-loved by the affluent merchants and lesser gentry who live on the fringes of the city’s New Town where she operates her school. These clients appreciate her knack at finding affluent husbands for their daughters. No one suspects that her knowledge of men comes from the long-ago days when she wasn’t Lady Honoria Peddington, but simply Honey Pedding who ran a well-doing Glasgow brothel. Those skills, though secret, still serve her well, for when her school’s famed graduation balls fail to secure suitable husbands for some of her more high-spirited girls, other gentlemen come to the fore, eager to accept these gems as pampered mistresses. So, however a girl’s heart might lean, Lady Peddington’s School for Young Ladies guarantees happiness for all.

Año de publicación:2017

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